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Research interests

My primary interest is the design of fast algorithms in computer algebra, and more particularly for computations with polynomials both in univariate contexts (Hermite-Padé approximation, linear system solving, basis reduction, Hermite form computation) and multivariate settings (constrained interpolation problems, change of monomial order for zero-dimensional ideals).
The basic problems mentioned above are ubiquitous in algebraic computations, and I am also interested in studying specific contexts where they occur. This involves error-correcting codes (e.g. the Guruswami-Sudan list-decoding algorithms and the Koetter-Vardy soft-decoding algorithms), as well as cryptography (e.g. in algebraic cryptanalysis).
More details on this page.

Career path

From December 2016 to August 2017 I have been working at DTU Compute in the Algebra Group of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. I was a postdoctoral researcher, supervised by Johan Rosenkilde, within the H.C. Ørsted program of the Technical University of Denmark.
On November 30, 2016, I defended my PhD thesis: thesis document PDF / defense slides PDF.
My PhD research and teaching took place at

In 2013, I passed the “Agrégation” competitive exam in Mathematics and also earned a Master’s Degree in Teaching (specializing in Mathematics and Experimental Sciences) at the ENS de Lyon.
In 2012, I earned a Master’s Degree in Fundamental Computer Science at the ENS de Lyon.